Succulent Plant Holders

succulent holder

We love plants, and we know you do too! Our succulent plant holders have always been a hit with our customers.

Our fossil succulent plant holders contain one to three holes for planting succulents, or air plants. These holders are deep enough to allow for water drainage and can also be used as tea light candle holders. While we can only sell the holder to online buyers, we offer the option to purchase already planted succulents for local Edmonton purchases.

Price Range:

$15 - $100

Average weight range:

2 - 6 lbs

Average dimensions:

L: 5 - 8”

W: 5 - 8”

H: at least 2.5” (to accommodate for succulents/air plants)

*prices provided are estimates, please enquire for exact prices and further information

**provided that each product is unique, weight and dimensions will vary accordingly