Fossilized Shale | 200 millions years old | Triassic period

A Little Bit About Us….

We sell rocks that were created when the dinosaurs were roaming approximately 200 million years ago... need we say more?

Luckily for myself as a geological engineer, my brother discovered in the '80s a Canadian rock quarry lush with the ancient monotis subcircularis aka what most people know as the Shell gas station symbol - he wasn't keen on keeping up with the paperwork, so I did, and now to our knowledge, we are the only quarry in North America that is legally able to sell this amazing part of history that survived the Triassic period - the period right before Jurassic.

We get this question a lot -- are your fossils real? yes they are, which is why no two products exist that are the same for sale, we guarantee that every product we sell will contain monotis subcircularis, (and note that some of our fossils may even contain many other common subterranean organisms that were common in the Upper Triassic) all of which are more than 200 MILLION YEARS OLD!

As a small, local, family owned business, we only post small products for sale online on ETSY , however, we also sell landscaping rock, feature walls/backsplashes (including those similar to the featured walls we provided for Shell Calgary's head office), specialty products and more!

We have a ton (and more literally) to show you, please feel free to contact us at, if you have a particular vision of a product, we'd love to work with you to produce your vision!

Sourced in beautiful British Columbia… #madeinYEG